ISO 50001 Energy Management System

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ISO 50001 EMS


ISO 50001 Energy management system standard is based on specific criteria and plans to establish and provide a necessary organizational systematic structure that allows organizations to promote energy efficiency to most effective status in an systematic manner and without prejudice to existing operations. The system matches with the principles and objectives of the organization operation supplemented by PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) mechanism for conducting continuous improvement of energy use, lowering energy costs, reducing GHG greenhouse gas emission and achieving sustainable energy development. ISO 50001 will be issued in 2011, it let organizations to improve their energy performance, increase energy efficiency and reduce climate change impacts.

ISO 50001 Elements

• Documentation,
• Management responsibilities,
• Energy management planning,
• Implementation and operation control,
• Energy Review and Asessement and
• Management Review

ISO 50001 Requirements

• Energy management system requirements - General requirements,
• Management responsibility - General,
• Roles, responsibility and authority,
• Energy policy,
• Planning - General,
• Energy Profile,
• Energy Baseline,
• Energy performance indicators,
• Legal and other requirements,
• Objectives, targets and action plans,
• Implementation and operation - Competence, training and awareness,
• Documentation - Documentation requirements,
• Control of documents,
• Operational control,
• Communication,
• Design,
• Purchasing energy services, goods and energy-Purchasing of energy services and goods,
• Purchasing of energy,
• Checking performance - Monitoring, measurement and analysis,
• Evaluation of legal/other compliance,
• Internal Evaluation,
• Nonconformities, corrective, preventive and improvement actions - Nonconformities
• Corrective and preventive action,
• Control of records,
• Review of the energy management system by top management,
• Inputs to management review,
• Outputs from management review

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